Mathematical Arbitration

Calvin isn't exactly a peacemaker - he likes to tease and pick little fights and definitely likes to be declared a "winner." All pretty normal boyish stuff. But he does have a desire to resolve conflict and it is actually pretty sensitive, often very creative, and shows me that he has this sweet place inside that wants everyone to be happy. Remember the smart vs. magic argument? Today he solved another spat in the car with Henry. (This one was reported by the Dad...)

My Spring Break is this week and last week. The boys have been really glad on the days that I normally go to school when I've told them I don't have to go because it's Spring Break. This morning on the ride to school, Henry said that I didn't have to go to school for three whole weeks, but Calvin knew it was only two and said so. They went back and forth - "Two!" "Three!" "Two!" "Three!" until David finally said, "No, Henry, Mom only has two weeks off from school."

The boys were quiet, but Henry was all worked up that he had been wrong. So Calvin said, "But Mom graduates soon. Isn't her graduation in three weeks?"

David answered, "No, it's a little bit further off than that. Maybe about six weeks."

Calvin wasn't set back in the least. He got all happy and said, "See, Henry! Three plus three is six. And her graduation is in six weeks. You were just thinking about her graduation, weren't you?"

A smile spread across Henry's face and he said, "Uhhhh. Yeah!"

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