The Muck

I've had a nasty head cold / sinus problem for the last week...I can't concentrate and I can't sleep...I have so much work to do...And I just can't seem to be able to articulate any bloggishness in my life...No sense of humor, no ingenuity...blah, blah, blah...Usually I have the most to say when things are the most coocoo in my life, but not this time...I'm going to try to catch up with myself and shake off the muck that has attacked me, and I'll be along shortly, all Code Yellowish and semi-interesting again soon...I hope.

(Don't worry - the boys continue to be adorable and precocious and busy and sassy - it's just that I am Tired. Yep, with a capital T.)


NOBODY said...

I'll be gettin' all Code Yellow up in yo grill.
You better keep your word!

I hope you feel better soon. We've spent the month of September cycling through various forms of the yuckies, not me,actually, but even baby Danyo has had his fair share and then some. Sometimes it's worth it when he yells out a sneeze.

Super Happy Girl said...

Nobody is right, September seems to bring out the sickies.
Take it easy.

megachick said...

it's the back to school yuckies. bug and pooka have them, too.

rest up.

Ice Cream said...

We've all been there. Go snuggle under a fluffy banket with a great read and eat some ice cream.

The Amazing Trips said...

Hang in there ... I'm sending healing vibes your way. I seriously don't know how you're doing school with everything else. You're an inspiration!!

And Silly Putty??! Yowzer!! Thanks for the FYI!!

She Rose Up said...

Hi! I'm a bloggin greenhorn & I really like your site. I liked your title and that is what drew me. You are such a droll and funny writer!

Wish I had known that about the rubbing alcohol about 3 months ago! Thanks for the tip!

I will be dropping in!