IIIIIII'mmm Meeellltiiiiiing!

It has been insanely hot this last week - part of which I was showing my family around DC. It was the little brothers' first visit to the area, and they needed to at least see the basics - monuments, etc. Which are all outside. In 95 degree weather. With some obscene percent humidity. And a baby in the Baby Bjorn.

Yesterday, it rained a bit and when I looked outside I thought it might have cooled off some, because that's what it does after a rainstorm in other places.

But no - I went out to do some grocery shopping after David came home and decided that the rain was actually one of the more disgusting things I've experienced. It's like the sky was sweating. Profusely. Like the whole world is a giant non-airconditioned locker room after a grueling sports event of some sort.

Plus, I'm decompressing from having guests. It was a nice visit and I was so glad for them to come - it just seriously takes me a day or two to get back to myself after people from my childhood visit.

So between the heat, inexplicable weepiness, minimal sleep, endless laundry, and a baby who has decided he needs to be physically attached to me and me only (nonstop for most of the last 72 hours), I am a bona fide witch.

I do think I'd prefer to have a house just land on me right off the bat. As opposed to spending so much time channeling flying (preschool-age) monkeys' energy into doing what I say, only to melt so pitifully in the end anyway.

Although the bucket of cool water splashed on me does sound quite refreshing.


Anonymous said...

I say do what I do and be thankful you are not prego!!! The heat last summer about put me under. It is awful here too, so we have been hitting the pool as much as possible.

MotherT said...

I can feel for you with the heat & humidity!! We've got it, too! And along with some family drama & health crises, I feel like the WW myself! Maybe we should just run away together and let the rest of the world work it all out?? ;)

NOBODY said...

oh, you WISH you had that complexion and those cute shoes.

I like the way you write.

Michelle said...

Ok if you two run away please take me with you!!!!!!! I wanna go too... I am hot and pregnant and my son just told me he wishes I would have the baby so I wouldn't be so mean to him anymore! LOL Yep after I stopped laughing at him, I gave him a kiss and told him I loved him now please go get the laundry for me. LOL....

Anonymous said...

We've probably been experiencing the same nasty heat, humidity and rain. I live in the Baltimore area.
The other day I took the kiddos out to play in the rain and it actually tasted horrible and made my eyes burn. I got us inside and showered off quick

Ice Cream said...

I think that was the wittiest Mom/Witch anecdote I've heard yet. And I LOVE the sky sweat =).