The Girly Things We Do

Some friends of ours recently moved overseas. They e-mailed me the links to their blogs. As I was perusing their recent posts, I showed Calvin pictures of their kids, one of whom is a friend from preschool last year. He asked me how his friend got on my blog and when I explained that her picture wasn't on mine, that she was on her dad's blog, he was absolutely scandalized: "What?! Her dad's blog?! I didn't know dads had blogs! I thought only girls had blogs."

That's what I get for being so proud that my rough and tumble boys - of their own accord and personal invention - played with their "babies" and hosted multiple very civilized and elegant tea parties picnics for most of the day - instead of the more masculine activities of grunting, beating each other with sticks, and occasionally running into my shins with the Tonka.

And look how clever! Note the ingenious use of a puzzle box as a table, and a paper cup as party hat, table centerpiece, and duck-guest seating:

And the ability of the puzzle-box-turned-picnic-table to also transport the entire picnic (guests and all) to an outdoor venue:

It would appear that these boys know that boys can have tea parties picnics and still be boys.

So maybe if I just explained blogging as the online equivalent of a picnic Cal would be OK with a dad having one?


The Amazing Trips said...

They are so cute! I love that they transported the entire "venue" outdoors.

I could definitely see that blogging is like a picnic. Come on by ... we'll have scones!

Super Happy Girl said...

Super sweet. I love thier duck guest.
Blogging is for girls? Really?

someone else said...

They're just keep getting more adorable every time I see pictures of them.

Ice Cream said...

If your boys can have manly tea parties I'm sure they will grow in to manly bloggers too. Too cute!

Sketchy said...

Just tell him it's a "website". That'll work.