Fill In The Blanks: A Meme

I need a bit of a muse and memes get me going again, so I considered myself tagged for this one over at Lisa's Ramblings. I started out wanting to be funny, but this actually got me being a little too serious. Read at your own risk. (he, he, he...OK, it's not that sinister...)

My roommate(s) and I once...went to early morning French class in pajamas (that was actually more than once, and pretty much against the school rules)...climbed into a huge indoor planter so that only our faces were visible and had someone take pictures...went out at 2 a.m. and planted a dry ice bomb in the enclosed outdoor area of the adjacent boys' housing (at Ricks College! Such rebels!) - man, that was loud!...drove twelve hours to Colorado in a car without a radio, singing to Meatloaf played on a cassette tape in a circa 1981 player my grandma loaned me...hmmm...I'm sure there's a whole list of such goofiness for which you had to be there to understand the hilarity...

Never in my life have I...been to Disneyland or Disney World. But perhaps even sadder than that is that I grew up in Colorado and have never downhill skied. Unbelievable, I know. And nearly reprehensible besides that.

High school was...a huge pit of emotional and social discomfort that I was so glad to get out of. I still get the knot in my stomach and the old "ugghh" feeling just going near the place. And I can't even tell you what that's all about - I mostly really don't know - but I can definitely say that I'm so glad high school is not the pinnacle of my life experience.

When I'm nervous...In social situations, I get busy. I prefer being in the kitchen at a party - making myself useful, instead of trying to make small talk. In general, when I'm nervous or mulling over a problem, I doodle or bite my fingernails.

My hair...is very fine and kinda limp, but it's a very pretty shiny dark brown and is most fabulous when it is quite short. I so need a haircut right now.

When I was five...I wore my hair in a precious smooth Dorothy Hamil cut, tucked under at the edges. I have the most beautiful kindergarten picture ever in a pink angora cowl-neck sweater and the best little smile...I should find it and scan it and post it, really. It's one of the maybe two pictures in my life that I truly love of me.

When I turn my head left...I can look out our front window and see only the tops of trees. That is one of the things I love about our house.

I should be...responding to my children.

By this time next year...I'll have a Master's in Liberal Arts and we'll be preparing like mad and packing up house to go to Kiev, Ukraine for two years! Yay! It's been ten years since I was there as a missionary...I'm wondering what it will be like to go back as a mom.

My favorite aunt is...more like a sister, a true soulmate. We finish each other's sentences, she is an example and a friend and wise, but still young, she kept me from being a sad little person for the rest of my life, and I am so glad that I live only a couple miles from her.

I have a hard time understanding...why people think it's safer, faster or more reasonable to back into parking spaces in congested and busy parking lots with narrow spaces.

You know I like you if...ahhh! Here we have stumbled upon one of my weaknesses. I am shy and very cautious about telling or showing people in real life that I care or like them. Sometimes I'm even a little mean because it's very hard/scarey for me to wear my heart on my sleeve, and I often wait until the other person indicates that they want to be my friend. Of course, sometimes that never happens and I find out much later that they were trying to get close and I didn't see it, or even came across as snotty when really I was just unsure if someone so great would like me. Sad to think about all the friendships I've missed out on because of that.

However, I have gotten fairly brave about telling bloggy people when I like them - Liz, No Cool Story, Morning Glory to name just a few - I took a big gulp before I clicked "post" on an e-mail or a comment that was more candid than I would normally be, and now I have friends that I know I may not have made otherwise. How awesome is that? And I think I'm starting to carry over some of that braveness into real life...just a little.

My ideal breakfast is...cheese and fruit, maybe yogurt, sometimes scrambled eggs, and a croissant or toast. And bacon. Must have bacon.

If you visit my home town...(as in, the town I grew up in) go in August for the Olathe sweet corn festival, ten miles down the road. The best corn you will ever eat in your life. And I'm not just sayin'. And take time to enjoy the main street shops and stores. My town is starting to be known as the little town north of the super WalMart, but it's a precious little old western town that you really shouldn't miss. And go to Ouray and Telluride, for sure, while you are in the area. They call it the Switzerland of America.

If you spend the night at my house...don't mind the midnight opening and slamming of doors, toilet lids, and thumping on floors. It's just Calvin letting us all know that he's not wetting the bed.

My favorite blonde is...Gwyneth Paltrow in the celebrity world, my sisters in the real world.

My favorite brunette is...Martina McBride in the celebrity world, and there are too many to choose from in the real world.

I shouldn't have been...so impatient with my grandma. Ever.

Last night I...made a mad dash trip to Michael's and Toys R Us twenty minutes before closing time - for paint to correct my project gone awry and for a small toy since Henry has filled up his first whole chart (wahoo!) - I made it to both stores and found exactly what I needed. My karma must be improving.

A better name for me would be...Jane. Just because I love it.

I've been told I look like...several celebrities, but most often my mother.

If I could have any car, it would be...a pimped out 4-door Jeep Wrangler. Or a really nice old-time Land Rover. Red. And the mountain roads to drive it on. But for my city-slicker life? A Volvo cross-country wagon (XC70), with the adventure package. In chocolate brown.

You should do this meme if you...if you're reading this on Sunday or you have any similar answers to me.


Helen said...

I really do enjoy reading your page.
So Kiev! Congratulations! You have to let me know how it is there these days.
I know we discussed spending all the time together in Europe ... and sorry I am the one not in Europe ... I'll be spending the next 3 years in Asia ... probably (I give myself about 9 months to get used to the life there).

someone else said...

I really like your answers and this is a great meme. I may have to tuck it away for the future because I'm too tired and don't have time right now.

Thank you for the nice link. :)

An Ordinary Mom said...

What a fun meme!

My good friend from my ward here is going to Kiev at at the end of August for 2 years. I wonder if you will bump into each other over there :) !! Let me know if you want to get in touch with her ...

the lizness said...

Awww! I remember your first email to me pretty much asking me to be your blog friend :) Here I am, still your friend.

The Amazing Trips said...

At the moment: it's a toss up between doing a meme and sleeping. And well, you understand, right??

But, I did have to add that Gwyneth Paltrow is one of my favorites, too. She has so much class - which is sadly, unusual in Hollywood these days. And, I love the name Jane. :)

Gabriela said...

Fun meme-I'm with you I would rather be in the kitchen during parties-especially ones at my house. I'd love a volvo too. And, you are from a be-u-ti-ful part of Colorado. :)

Super Happy Girl said...

I Love this meme! I got a lot of good info from it. I'm so doing it when I'm done trying to catch up with life.

I hear you about the way you approach people, I do the same thing :) Beign shy and cautios is hard, sometimes I come off as stuck up. You put it so well into words ('cause you are good at that).

I'm also a help & kitchen body person. My mama always said you'll always fit-in if you make yourself useful.

NOBODY said...

Pimped out? Are you kidding me?! You're hilarious!
I liked this meme too. I think I'll do it.