Monday Mother Lode

Who reads my blog on a Monday? Just curious. I do hope someone does, because here's some random favorite stuff from the past weekend month.

Mostly I just wanted to post something more Calvin- and Henry-oriented, because I know I've been a bit philosophical and introspective lately. I kinda started this blog to keep family posted on the boys and even though only two family members read it, I really haven't posted enough pictures and stuff lately for them. So...

First, a couple of one-liners -

From Henry, while coloring last night:

"Black is a naughty color."

From Calvin:

"How do frogs hear?"

(This is a prime example of his new thrilling subject-changing skill. The frog question is what he used on me in the middle of my "please don't sit here and be shy, get out there and chase soccer balls with the other 4-year-olds because you've been wanting to play soccer since before Christmas and now we're here and you won't" pep talk.)


And now a picture or two -

These days we can get them to sit in one place together for a picture with a minimum of hassle. But saying, "Smile, guys!" gets some questionable results.

Around here, bathtime is often tsunami hour, but occasionally the boys work on something really grand together. (Calvin wanted to be sure we noticed that there was one toy per square of tile.)


Remember the Lazy Susan by the Stove concept? I've moved it to the counter right behind the stove for more prep room by the stove, but I still love it and use it and regularly remind the boys not to spin it wantonly. But this weekend, in a classic "you knew it would happen sometime" event, Calvin experienced centrifugal force acting on a glass bottle of white wine vinegar.

Of course it was while I was making dinner - I turned from the stove just in time to see it fly and crash across the kitchen, just a few inches shy of Henry's head. And all of us in bare feet. It's a toss-up whether Cal learned more from the shock of the flying/spraying/shattering bottle, my lecture about warnings that included a heavy dose of "I done tol' you and tol' you..." or David's lengthy mopping and shard-hunting process that precluded being able to appreciate his beautiful coloring or read The Cat in the Hat together. With any luck, one of the consequences came through to him and the Lazy Susan spinning has come to an end.


Check out this fine artwork. It wasn't too long ago that I posted a bit about the first recognizable drawing that Calvin made, and it was of me. So precious. I love watching the boys create. Paper is a small price for me to pay for them to be happily occupied for more than ten minutes at one time to see them express themselves.

Henry drew this turtle yesterday, and it just floors me. He's two and a half. I know the spots on the turtle's back make it look like a face, but check out how he made a pointy little tail and four legs and a head. By himself. With no instruction or previously drawn turtles. I love it.

Due to the Easter holiday, Calvin has been in an Egg Period this last couple of weeks. Myriads of vibrantly spotted eggs, one per page, all of which must be posted on the refrigerator. This is my favorite, though, because it includes the Easter Bunny:


Here's a little video snippet for posterity. "Baa, Baa Black Sheep" is a longstanding favorite of Henry's. I personally think it's funny for a 2-year-old to say the word, "dame." This clip also briefly demonstrates his munchkin voice, his propensity for perpetual motion, as well as his attempts at humor by plugging in wrong words - although not as hilarious as the applesauce routine, which I haven't caught on video yet.


On a more personal note, looking into next week, I am so excited that Martina McBride is the mentor on American Idol. It's been a while since my country obsession, but she still impresses me and is one singer that can consistently make be belt out with the radio even when I'm in the car alone. She just has a fabulous voice and really great songs.

Then I pictured Sanjaya in some Rex-all Ranger get-up, copping a vocally weak fake twang and pathetic attempt at the boot-scootin' boogie. I'm sure the tweenies who love him will find it all so endearing that they'll text the word "vote" enough times for Daddy to ground them over the phone bill but they won't care because Sanjaya will make it through yet another week. I'm honestly not sure I can stomach it.

Of course, maybe...maybe if Sanjaya gets voted through to the finale, it'll put me into labor a bit ahead of my due date. That's definitely something to consider. Especially since I've gone past due both times before and three people told my husband this weekend that they thought I looked like I "could go" any minute.

Yeah, any minute in 50-some-odd days. Don't rush me! And don't really vote for Sanjaya. I'd try castor oil (blech!) before I'd wish him to the finale.


Angela said...

Ooh ooh! I read on Mondays! And this one was well worth rolling out of bed for. :)

I have 27 responses.

That first picture of Calvin and Henry is CLASSIC Henry. I wouldn't have known it if I didn't just meet him. That impish "I'm smarter than you and someday you'll know it" look just made me laugh out loud.

The other thing that made me laugh out loud was Calvin's "Vanna Hand" displaying the tile work. Too funny!

Nextly, that turtle picture is UH-MAZING. Truly. Put the date on it because you won't believe it in a few years. Unless by then he's selling millions in artwork. Calvin's Easter Bunny is nothing to sneeze at either!

I LOVE Martina. You know that.

50 more days? Really? That's just wrong. Somethin' needs to be did about that.

someone else said...

I read ANY day that you post, Girl! It's always worth it whether it's a long or short post. This was no exception.

I love the video clip -- what a cutie pie he is!! I also remember the days of trying to get my girls to smile normally when we took pictures. "Normal" had a meaning all its own back in those days of grimaces and wrinkled noses and too much teeth showing. Now my grandkids do it!!

Sanjaya? Don't even get me started on it. If he messes up the real results, I'm actually going to be really ticked!

Anonymous said...

I am reading! Love the photos and the pictures! Also, I think Martina McBride has the most amazing voice. What a set of lungs she has! I got to meet her once, and her eyes are unbelieveable as well. Have a great Monday!

Montserrat said...

Don't you just LOVE watching their little personalities and abilities develop?

Martina McBride is one of my favorite singers too.

Anonymous said...

I read and enjoy your blog because it gives me a window into your world and helps me keep up with the little guys.
Write On!

Blog Antagonist said...

Those are some awful cute boys you've got there!! It makes me wistful for the days when mine were that age. Sorta. ;?)

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute little boys! Loved the little song. :-)

Love Martina McBride - she has an amazing voice!

Have a great Monday!

T.S. Eliot said...

I'm here on Mondays! And tuesdays, wednesday, thursdays....

Thanks for the fun tidbits. You just might have to frame that turtle drawing for posterity.

Love the video too!

I won't rush that baby along, don't worry. Hope you're feeling okay!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Of course I read on Monday's, what a silly question :) !!

Thanks for sharing the Lazy Susan story so we could realize that our kids our normal, too. Exploration and curiosity abound in our household.

Loved the picture of the turtle. My now 5 year old daughter could draw at a very early age and she easily draws better than me now. My two year old still loves to violently scribble.

I am waiting for Sanjaya to go home as well, so don't forget to vote on Tuesday ... I don't care who you vote for, just not him ... although he has gotten better :)!!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

I don't read anything on Mondays. Just yours.

Cute updates - love the art and the fake smiles and the "Vanna" pose in the bathtub.

Fifty days - you can do it. My kids and I have the ongoing conversation about how Sanjaya must have the whole underworld voting for him just to see Simon's expression every week. SO BAD. Maybe getting him voted OFF could send you into labor? Can we rig the voting any more than it already is? =)

S said...

I was going to say that I missed Monday but I read it today Tuesday... but then I realized today is Monday but now I really just don't know what day it is.

Anywho, great post, love the video and I will start praying RIGHT NOW that you are NOT late... I am still mad four months later:)

The radio was comparing Sanjaya to being a Prince look-a-like today FUNNY stuff. Let your imagination roll on that one. purple rain purple rain:)

Super Happy Girl said...

Me, Me! I am a Monday reader.
Yeah, how do frogs hear?
CalHenry! they are getting so big :)
I love Cal's little Vanna White impression (since no one else has mentioned that yet)
I so totally knew that was a turtle.
Aww, he sings and makes little eyes at you :)
AWWWW, what a cute post.

Sanjawhy :P

Jennifer B. said...

Well, I'm not family, but I still enjoyed reading about your cute boys! I have a 2 1/2 year-old and that turtle drawing is AMAZING! How fun--you'll be so happy to have this time recorded =)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Loved this post! Love those adorable boys of yours! And the 1 object per tile? Exactly like my Camden. The turtle drawing = very impressive, too.

Beck said...

They're beautiful, beautiful boys.

Rachel Anne said...

I'm usually at least a day late for any post. Even my own.

I love the Vanna hand. Oh my that's cute.