Today's Little Joys

This is the face of Little MIU (Man In Utero). I think the little hand saluting is mui cute.

At the sonogram, the technician said MIU was breach right then. Nothing alarming - but that would explain the feeling that something large was invading my trachea and rib cage. Like a head and shoulders, the biggest parts of a baby, even if he is only three pounds right now.

And then a little like magic, I noticed the next day (come to think of it - after a riotous night of wiggling and jiggling inside) that my belly button was not as tight as it was before, that my belly didn't feel like it was in my throat, and when I was laying down, it was VERY obvious that Little MIU was now laying sideways - I have NEVER seen something so clearly from the outside like that before! It was seriously like going from a largish volleyball shape up high to a serious spare tire shape lower down...very cool.

Besides being really awestruck at how it looked, can I even express the relief I feel from the EXTREME heartburn that I have experienced for the last two months - nearly four months earlier than it has happened in the past? It's gone, just because Little Man decided to rearrange himself a little bit.

I've never experienced "lightening", because I went overdue and was induced before the baby was down either time, and even though this is not that, it is a truly lovely thing. Maybe I will now be more tolerant of later heartburn, when MIU can't help but set my esophagus on fire because really, what is a ten-pounder to do in such tight quarters?

And for a couple other little joys, Calvin and Henry have contributed these little sweetnesses recently:

Me: Henry, I guess since Dad is going to paint, that leaves me to the job of changing your poops.
Henry: No! Dad do it! (This is a highly unusual request - it's usually the opposite)
Dad: No, Mom will. I'm going to paint.
Henry: NO! DAD. IS. The changer. (He growled the last word and punched his little fist into his other hand, like he was granting supreme power...)
Me: (sweet smile) You heard him.

Cal: Can I just not put my shoes on?
Me: Weeelllll....(it was a 70 degree spring day)
Cal: It's just been sooooo long since I felt the ground with my feet.


Angela said...

Ohhhhhhhh MUI is precious. Those CHEEKS! Already! I'm so jealous.

Henry, the poopy diaper bully. What a crack up.

someone else said...

Precious! Love the salute. I think I see a family resemblance to the two boys. When we saw Karen's before Jack was born, I thought he looked just like Cool. In many ways he does.

(I thought I was being dyslexic when I saw the MUI.) ha.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Life is full of little joys, it is just up to us to find them!

I am glad MIU shifted and is now saving you much heartburn. And the conversations with your kiddos are darling!

Jamie said...

Sideways is nice until they get strong enough to stretch. Mine would always get mad at me when I tried to squish them back and kick at me. Enjoy the heartburn-free time!!

megachick said...

at t minus 5 days and counting, my 'goofy' still turns sideways. doesn't he/she know it can't come out like that???

Sketchy said...

Ah, your little MIU is already adorable! Everytime I've had a turn late it's hurt like the dickens (trying to avoid a more obscene term) but yeah, it's cool to watch. YAY for less heartburn that's always a good thing.

And H&C are no slouches in the cute department either!

T.S. Eliot said...

What a fun post... little tidbits of all three children. I'm glad you're feeling better! Now go eat some spicy food to celebrate:-)

Tell Calvin I couldn't agree more about bare feet. Adorable!

the lizness said...

your kids all have such character! love them.

Blogger profile name said...

Those new ultrasounds are just amazing! Glad your little guy is turning!

Anonymous said...

Look at that sonogram picture - simply amazing!

Such cute stories about your kids! :)

- Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

Angela said...

uhhhh, heh. heh. I mean, MIU. Moooey had such a nice ring....

Gina Conroy said...

How exciting to see the little guy! Three boys, huh! Been there, still doing that!!

Beck said...

Look at that baby. Aw.
My firstborn was breech all the way through. That felt pretty funky, in retrospect.