Listmaking Again!

Remember Calvin's lists? I thought his listmaking was soooo last year, and have been a little sad about that, because I liked them so much and he used to give me a list of something almost every day. Well, today I got another one! I like how he organizes it all in his head and then reiterates it in different ways. This is what he said to me this morning:

"Mom, if you eat too fast, drink too fast, or laugh too much, you will get hiccups. Soooooo, there are THREE ways to get hiccups: (holding up his three adorable little fingers)

1. Eating too fast;
2. Drinking too fast;
3. Laughing too much.

If you don't do these things, you won't get hiccups."

So there you have it.


Super Happy Girl said...

That girl who had the hiccups for 3-4 weeks could have benefited from this list.
Way to go List Man.

KatieBug said...

He is so right! He reminds me a little of my oldest, being so organized and whatnot. I also love that Calvin is the master of doing 2 things at once. Too cute!

someone else said...

Stories of your Calvin always bring a smile to my face. Does he have a friend named Hobbes?