Friday High Five (that isn't)

Alas, I have not been able to read most of my favorites this week, so I am lavishly bestowing a high five on myself, just for getting through the week.

Not that it's been particularly tough, but you know how sometimes it's just nice to have something finished? That's where I'm at.

With only the tiniest smidgeon of the feeling like babysitter Kari, sitting in the destroyed living room with a fire extinguisher in one hand and a mirror in the other, the name of the game being damage control until the replacement or the Incredibles get home.

So, have a nice weekend. I'll be back after the guy erases my memory and I can go back to enthusiastically feeling like I've got everything under control. And try to get over this annoying weepiness that has descended upon me the last few days for NO APPARENT REASON.

Meanwhile, if you have a nod to give to a post, feel free to leave it in a comment here - I'm gonna hook myself up with something yummy to munch on and get reading as soon as I get home. Point me in a fun direction, will ya?


The Amazing Trips said...

Oh, I'm sorry that I'm laughing as I read this post. I can only imagine that after a week with FOUR additional kids, you are feeling a bit overwhelmed.

It's like moving to New England in the dead of winter ... definitely not recommended. You need to move in the summer, ease through fall and then - take on the sub zero temperatures, gradually. Otherwise, you're totally shell shocked!

I'm sure you'll be feeling better next week & your house will be completely restored.

Wonder Triplets - activate. In the form of a HIGH FIVE for CYM!!! (I agree, I think you deserve one, too!!) :)

someone else said...

I'm amazed you're still alive at all. Go have some chocolate, I say, C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E!!

Real said...

I've got a great post for you! "Home Can Be A Heaven on Earth" http://ktmama3.livejournal.com/16234.html

OhTheJoys said...

High five sister! Put your feet up.

Super Happy Girl said...

Your little baby-gaga thing reads: "If someone asks Mommy "how are you feeling" one more time, she's going to drop kick them to New Jersey". There you go.
Take care CYM, next week it'll be much better :)

Angela said...

Yeah, you definitely deserve your own high five.
And no matter how bad it gets, girl---you know how to self-medicate. Hope it worked!