Multi-tasking At Its Finest

The video at the end of this post was inspired by a conversation Cal had with his Dad one night before dinner. He walked into the kitchen and asked for a drink and David told him to wait a second because he was trying to finish drying the silverware and he had bacon frying on the stove that he needed to turn before it burned.

Cal said, in awe, "You are doing TWO things at one time?! Drying silverware AND cooking bacon?!"

David: Yep

Cal: I can't believe you can do two things at one time! I could never do that. You're so good, Dad!

David: Yeah? But your mom is even better. She is the MASTER of doing lots of things at one time.

(I've said it before- David is the best at appreciating.)

Cal took it upon himself to improve his multi-tasking ability and came running into me first thing the next morning with this little demonstration. (I did have him re-enact for the video - I'm not really waiting with the camera for things like this. Should be, but am not.)

I personally cannot think of any two more vital things to be able to do at one time. Can you?

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An Ordinary Mom said...

Multi-tasking is definitely a learned art :)!!

Super Happy Girl said...

WOW! The Yellows are SO talented!
Way to go Cal, I can barely ytalk and walk at the same time.

Pam said...

It just doesn't get much better then that:)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

One of the cutest things I've seen in a long time. And while I can read blogs and feed the baby at the same time, I'm pretty sure I couldn't draw and play the xylophone at the same time -- so he's way ahead of me!

the lizness said...

he said "xylophone" so smart like!

Anonymous said...

Cute! Very talented!

someone else said...

Oh so cute! (as usual)

I'm going for that cup of coffee now. See you in the next post.

Helen said...

calvin is super ... and youa re super to catch things liek this ... I am getting addicted to reading your blog :)

Angela said...

I have not laughed so hard in a LONG time. That was hilarious. What a great combination. And SO USEFUL.
Ben says, "I can do that!"
We just don't have a xylophone.