Dejunking, Code Yellow Style

Otherwise known as "Stuff I've Wanted to Blog About for One Reason or Another but Have Not Gotten Myself Sufficiently Together Enough to Blog About."

I've been in a bit of a blogging and personal slump, not feeling so swell physically or emotionally, and mostly just flat TIRED.

But I enjoy blogging and want to get back into the swing of things. And I have almost sanitized the house after our family's (but mostly Henry's) bout with the virus from hell and just want to get this stuff out there, for a new start and maybe - but don't hold your breath! - some consistency and interest in my blog posts.

So, this is a "sticky post" to introduce my weekend blogging extravaganza - click here to get to the home page, then grab a cup o' whatever you like and try to enjoy the posts below this one for what they are - random, fun, and basically all the stuff that keeps getting pushed aside for real life and/or other blogness.

Call it nesting, spring cleaning, or whatever - I'm just trying to clear out and spiff up my brain and my blog and my camera and my life a bit and get a hold of myself. Of course, the laundry, the dusting, the dishes and the bathrooms would probably be a better place to start, but it's not as fun as the ol' blog, so I'm just doing what feels good.

To sweeten the deal for those of you faithful blog buddies who will read each of the posts I'm publishing this late Saturday night, you will get a groovy little award for your sidebar for generously encouraging me in "dejunking"...I'm working on it...Just leave even a one word comment on each of my posts dated February 17, 2007- there's five of them - and I'll post the award for you on Tuesday. Whaddaya say?

Oh, but first a note - I stopped word verification on my blog because of this hilarious and very apt post (not to mention my own propensity for failing at it multiple times every comment I make), then enabled comment moderation as a safeguard against crazies. But then I failed to understand how to actually moderate.

You see I am seriously not firing on all cylinders here - or as my grandmother would say, "My one cell is just not working." Yeah, it's a real problem. So, apologies to those who got moderated in an untimely manner.

And while we're on bloggy technicalities, be sure to check the box so your e-mail address appears when your comment is sent to the recipient's e-mail. It is awesome and you will love it when people do it for you, too. (Thanks, Katherine, for showing us how it's done!)


An Ordinary Mom said...

Word verification makes me feel illiterate!

And my box should be checked ... let me know via a comment if it is not!

Your brain must be functioning better than you think if you can get 6 posts written and come up with a bloggy award button :) !!

An Ordinary Mom said...

I did it, I read them all. I hope your mind feels much more decluttered now!

Super Happy Girl said...

I will comment, not because I want to win yet another super spiffy and groovy little award, but because of the LOVE CYM, the love.

Maybe the award a little tiny bit. Maybe.

Pam said...

Go for a long run or sit here and read this while drinking coffee? Hmmmmmm....guess what won today? This was totally fun and the running will have to wait until tomorrow - I'm off for my second cup of coffee:) Have a great day and thanks for some good laughs!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I just sat down to catch up on blogs and am thrilled to find that you have a whole little treasure trove of posts for me to dive into. And -- I'm always game for a sidebar reward. :)

Anonymous said...

I am new to you from Snapshot, but I read all five posts! I hope you won't mind if I come again!

someone else said...

Well, here's a surprise. I'm here.

As if I could stay away during my hiatus!

BTW, the link to The Wooden Porch doesn't work.

Unknown said...

I'm really really bad at word verification. Horrible. And then they just get more slanty and bolded and italicized and even harder to read!!

Miss Notesy said...

Hello! Thanks for linking me here! LaLaLaLaLa, just writing and writing and spending my extra time chatting to you rather than fight with WORD VERIFICATION!!!

I could probably go on for about 6 more minutes just writing and writing and...

but I won't. ;-)