Bless Your Beautiful Hide(s)

I am apparently totally oblivious and I feel real silly, but a huge (tiny bit belated) THANK YOU for sharing the love with me.

Just saying I'm a happy blog and that you'll never stop reading me - let alone nominating me for an award? - I feel like a whole new blogger wrapped in a warm fuzzy pink heart! Truly - thanks, I needed that.
Now go vote - there's lots of good blogs and new stuff to read, and Heather at One Woman's World has got a heckuva list to compile into finalists!
(Oh, and one more thing: "hug-hug-keess-keess-hug-hug-keess-little hug-keess-keess-leetle keess" to my nominator.)


someone else said...

Congratulations on your nomination. It's well-deserved -- this IS a happy place to visit.

the lizness said...

I am elated for you!

Super Happy Girl said...

Congrats CYM! Very well deserved :D

Angela said...

I SO would have nominated you if I knew how smoothly you could incorporate a Nacho quote.
Congratulations on being the happy place we all go to. :)