Henry calls a museum a "me-zoom." I frankly think it's cool that he knows what a museum is.

He blinks his eyes when he's asking for something (like, "Will you sing me dus one song?"). I think it's an attempt to be flirty or beguiling, but it just looks like he has a twitch. An adorable twitch, but a twitch nonetheless.

Calvin made another list the other day. (Remember the lists? I can't get the fabulous new Blogger to make the link - anyone want to educate me on how to link to really old posts? - but he was really into them last year...)

You have to read each item with a tone of exasperation and dismay, kinda hold out the syllables and roll your eyes a bit as you tick them off your fingers, and you'll have the full import of this list. He came in from "helping" David the other day and said, "Dad looked and looked and he can't figure out what's wrong, and there's...

Three Things That Don't Work on Dad's Car

1. The wipers.
2. The door locks.
3. The lights inside.

(Side note: This was when it was just the electrical system that was out, before the car blew a gasket. Now I think Calvin could make a much longer list...or maybe shorter. Like, "The engine.")

And one of the best Calvin thoughts I've heard lately:

Cal: (seeing a large Snow White balloon in a store window) I hate Snow White!
Dad: Why?!
Cal: Because she's a girl.
Dad: But you don't hate all girls, do you?
Cal: Yes!
Dad: But you don't hate Mommy...and you don't hate Lily (best friend cousin)...and you don't hate Clarissa (a girl a year older than him at church who he thinks hung the moon)...
Cal: OK. I don't hate all girls. (pause) I just hate magic girls.


the lizness said...

Sounds to me like Calvin gets his listmaking from Dad - listing off the girls Calvin doesn't hate !

And to link to old posts, open your dashboard in a new browser, click edit posts, and find the one that you want to link to. Right click on "View" and choose "copy link location." That's what you paste into the link field. Wa-la! Old linkage complete!

Lana said...

nothing brings order like making a list. Good for Calvin!

Super Happy Girl said...

A list maker, very impressive.
What is this about not liking magical girls? :D
Is SHG considered magical? I'd like to think so.

someone else said...

Wouldn't you sometimes just love to see the world through their childish perceptions? Cute, cute.

MotherT said...

Well, at Calvin's age not liking girls is good, just wish they'd hold that idea until they get out of school!!!! Trust me life would be a lot more sane for moms!!

Unknown said...

The kid is onto something. Magic girls: they are THE worst... :-)

Carrot Jello said...

Hey, I didn't get a card or invitation telling me to come back or anything. Should I take a hint?