Where I'm At

That really about sums it up. But since I've been a little less than prolific recently on the ol' blog, I'll elaborate some on the Code Yellow Show, now in it's fourth (or so) season:

There are lots of moments in motherhood, I've found, when you feel suddenly or once again "official" as a mom. There's the first ultrasound picture of that teeny tiny miraculous beating heart inside you. There's the first cry and knowing it is exclusively for you.

Then there are the conversations like this:

2yo: Mommy (in his "soft," mewing voice that he has inexplicably adopted as of late)
Mom: What do you need buddy?
2yo: Mommy, Mommy, Mommy (still in that little falsetto, but now pushing Mom's legs away from the sink where she is washing dishes)
Mom: What?
2yo: Mom, Mommy, Mom, Mommy
Mom: (Realizing it's a song, not a request) Henry, Henry, Henry
2yo: Mommy, Mom, Mommy, Mommy, Mom
Mom: (Now mimicking the annoying charming mewing voice) Henry, Henry, Hen, Henry, Hen, Henry...
(Continued name repetition for several more rounds as the legs get pushed farther away from the sink and the dishes, and 2yo finally looks up quizzically...)
2yo: Why yous saying mahs name so much yike dat?

And those times you know you must have "arrived" as a mother because duct tape really is the only answer:

And then there is the first time that your baby (almost four years old) draws a picture that's not just scribbles, and it's a picture of you:

Or when he finds a chrysallis and tells YOU what it is and you realize you've never seen one in real life before he brought one to you.

It really is quite a show. I wouldn't want anyone else sitting in my seat.

But if you're not too busy watching your own show, could you get me another Coke and some popcorn and M&Ms?


Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Love the picture of you!

And the duct tape on the snaps - HA! That one cracked me up. Hey - ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

And I loved the sentiment of your post and the comic... it really is a great show, one I wouldn't miss for the world.

Anonymous said...

You're right, it's a great show!
I'll have to try the duct tape on the snaps that won't stay snapped, I've got a couple of pairs I didn't want to get rid of, but won't stay snapped...

Dawn said...

And it's equally as entertaining and fun the second time around with the grands! Maybe even better.

someone else said...

You have the most delightful perspective on the antics of your little boys. I always look forward to reading whatever you post.

What did we EVER do before duct tape???

Anonymous said...

is it commercial break yet?

Super Happy Girl said...

Desperation is truly the mother of Invention.
Great uses for duct tape (or duck tape, as I call it to drive my son crazy).

I love that picture of you, I had no idea you were so…bold.
CalHenry posts are da bomb!

Millie said...

Your boys are sweet. When Roz pushes my legs like that, she means business. I've been known to shove back (and knock her flat... oops).

Angela said...

That picture of Hemmy getting a drink is PRICELESS!!!!!!
I think I learned a great parenting lesson, imitate the annoying behavior until they realize what it sounds like. Hmmmm...
This is a really nice post, I like your conclusion.
The duct taped pants are nice too, haven't seen that before!

Amanda said...

I agree with angela, imitating the annoying behavior until it becomes annoying to them. Great insight!

We have used duct tape for diapers, but never thought of using it to cover snaps. What a brilliant idea!

T.S. Eliot said...

Mmmmm... coke and M&M's sounds great. Too bad Henry can't bring them to you now that the fridge is duct taped shut. That picture is hilarious. I love the picture of you! It should be framed so he'll always remember.

I think my first real initiation into motherhood was the first big poop blow-out I had to clean up by my self. He was still tiny, and I had to strip him naked and try and run a bath while holding him. I ended up nearly dropping him in the tub and making him cry even more. That's when I knew. I'd arrived.

Gina Conroy said...

Oh, never thought of duct tape on the frig. We bought one of those frig locks. Then bought a pantry lock because our little angel loved to sneak cookies and candy!

Unknown said...

The cartoon mom would feel a lot better if she owned a Dyson.

Blogger profile name said...

That picture of you is awesome. We had one of those child-proof doorknob things on our pantry until the one broke on the front door and we had to use the one from the pantry. I figured it was better not to lose a child than have all of the Cheerios dumped in the floor, and goodness knows I'm never going to remember to buy another doorknob thingy.

Pam said...

You must frame and matte that picture - It's absolutely priceless!

I am totally going to try the duct tape on the pants if the need ever arises. They even make that stuff in colors now:)