Okay, Okay! I Give!

Technically, I'm still on siesta, but I did catch a glimmer of bloggability today...

Calvin said this morning, "Uh, Mom?"

...I wish you could hear the voice inflection in that phrase - it's one of his new favorites, and he says it like, "I can't believe I'm having to tell you this, but I guess I have to, because you apparently just do not get it..."

Anyway: "Uh, Mom? You haven't been doing all your work on the computer any more." "Oh, yeah?" "Yeah. So you should go upstairs right now and do some." Bless his heart for referring to my blog habit as my work.

And sad that the undivided attention I felt guilty for not giving before really isn't as desireable as I thought it was. Makes me a little uneasy about what's going on downstairs at the moment...Ah, well. The very act of blogging may perpetuate the blog, right?

A few minutes ago Henry was sitting in my lap and I pinched his thighs (impossible not to do when Henry is sitting in your lap), and I said, "I loooove your fat thighs!" He giggled but then got really serious and said, "Dem's not fat fighs."

So I said, "Well, I love them anyway." Then he said, "Dust hold my's fighs. No tickle dem." And he arranged my hands so they were laid across his legs in a less offensive manner. So, new rule: No tickling of (fat baby) thighs. Holding only.

And now, if someone would like to help me with my techno savvy (or lack thereof), I have two short home videos that I want to post, but I don't know exactly how...


Millie said...

I have no idea how to post videos, but darn if those aren't two of the cutest baby boys on the earth this minute.

Once Brian's mom and sister were at a wedding reception, playing with a young nephew's little legs. Bri's mom said, "I'm gonna get your chubby leg," and the kid said, "Don't my chubby leg." So of course "don't my chubby leg" has become a huge quote around here.

Amanda said...

I too have no advice to offer. Your boys are so adorable!

The other day Megan was stretching in her car seat while I was getting her out. She raised her arms so I "had" to tickle her under her arms. She says, "Mooom, Don't a tickle my armpits." My new favorite saying!

Anonymous said...

dropshots.com, dearie. You upload the video just like a picture, and when it is finished, there are some links on the side of it, one of them being "blog" (AHEM - Calvin knows what's up). You click on that and it gives you the html code. You select all of it and paste it into the "Edit HTML" tab of your post. Ta da! all done.

Pam said...

Holding only? I would have to sneak in a good squeeze while he sleeps!

Too cute.

someone else said...

I just knew you'd appear sooner than later! Bless his little heart for recognizing the important "work" you do.

I echo the comment above -- those boys are so adorable!

Super Happy Girl said...

Semi-Siesta time, sweet.
CalHenry are back, w00t

Blogger profile name said...

Once when my oldest was little, I told him he was crazy. He said, "I's not crazy, I's funny!" Gotta love toddler-speak!