Just Give Me a Pot and Some Beans

And I'll get something to blog about.

So I slow-cooked a pot of chili today for our annual chili cook-off at church. I started out with a recipe but improvised quite a bit, and ended up thinking it was kind-of a dud chili by the end of the day. But...

I won Best Overall Chili! (::Doing a little dance::)

I can likely never duplicate it, but apparently it was deeeeelish.

The funniest part about it was that my husband was recruited at the last minute to be a judge and he purposely didn't mention my chili (they were numbered anonymously, but he knew which one was mine) - the other two judges had to talk him into it.

Yep, it's a proud, proud day in the Code Yellow kitchen. Her culinary prowess conquered even the (very) impartial husband judge.


Pam said...

That's funny because I was just thinking today that it was time to make chili.

Congratulations on your win:)

Tammy said...

You know, I have never, ever made chili. Ever. And my dad hailed from Texas! I remember he made it just a few times when I was growing up...but mostly we did the canned stuff.
I wish I could come over for a free chili lesson...
Best Overall- must have way yummy! :D

Super Happy Girl said...

WOW! congrats! I love chili cook-offs.
Today must be your super lucky day.
Have you checked your e-mail yet?

Angela said...

They had to TALK D into it? That's just downright hilarious. And just makes the victory even sweeter. Congratulations!

The Amazing Trips said...

Oh man ... we were in a chili cook-off last weekend. It was a NIGHTMARE. While my DH was cooking the chili, all 3 kids were projectile vomiting all over the house. Then, as he was about to bring the chili down to the competition (WHY? WHY? WHO WOULD EAT THIS CHILI IF THEY KNEW WHERE IT CAME FROM?!?!) - he got sick, too.

So, I had to bring the chili down to the competition (I told everyone that our house was struck by the flu and to eat it with caution!) and then, I came home to clean up the disaster that was our house. I felt miserable. Not because I had the flu but because ... well ... you can read about it on my blog.

I will never eat chili again. But, I was impressed that we won 3rd place out of 20 entrants.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so cool you won!