Day 91: Let the Listmaking Begin

Stuff For Me To Do Before David Gets Home:

  1. Sweep, vacuum, mop all the main level floors.
  2. De-smear all the windows, inside and out.
  3. Clean the main bathroom so he doesn't have to.
  4. Clean the master bathroom so he doesn't have to.
  5. Get all of his shirts ironed so he doesn't have to. (And by that I do mean have a pro do it - I have never learned how exactly and it's a creasy, starchy mess every time. I'd love some tips and instructions - like how to do the sleeves. Really.)
  6. Bring order to the boys' room.
  7. Make a menu of real dinners to eat when he gets back.
  8. Make a grocery list of real grocery items for when he gets back.
  9. Do real grocery shopping (I.e., purchase other items besides milk, juice, eggs, fruit snacks and lunchables) for the first time in three and a half months.
  10. Make the kitchen sparkle.
  11. Have the car detailed.
  12. Dissuade Calvin from picking all the wilting flowers from the back yard right now "to save for Dad when he gets home." ("You can put 'em in a glass with water Mom, and put them on the counter...")

Stuff I've Been Neglecting Saving for David to Help Me With Do When He Gets Home:

  1. De-spider the back yard and sandbox.
  2. Carpet the boys' room.
  3. Paint the boys' room. (I will help with this because I love to paint.)
  4. Disassemble Henry's crib.
  5. Find, buy and assemble bunkbeds.
  6. Paint our room.
  7. Find, buy and assemble a bed with a real-live headboard for us.
  8. Pull the rock-hiding unraveling stair carpet up and fix the stair treads.
  9. Keep the boys busy for a while so I can de-junk for the upcoming Gifts of the Heart event. (TBBAL - To be blogged about later.)
  10. Devour and lavishly praise everything I prepare for dinner.
  11. Remember my birthday.

So, yeah, basically I am just counting down the 7 days until I have to start on my list so everything will be checked off by the time he arrives two days after that. And he gets to work pretty much 24/7 (except for the mealtimes) for the first seven days he is home so that everything on his list gets checked off before he has to go back to his "real" job.

But hey, I may have to hire a pro for the shirts and the car on my list, but he gets to go to Home Depot for lots of things on his list. Probably eighty more times than we can even estimate. What could he possibly want to do more than that?

Sleep shmeep.


someone else said...

That's an exhausting list! The best method I've found for getting shirts to look perfect is to send them to the cleaners! I really don't like to iron.

Gabriela said...

7 days? That's awesome. You are almost there. And it looks like you've got plenty to keep you busy. :)

Tammy said...

That is quite a list!
I so remember my husband coming home from deployment...but back then, it was only the two of us so our lists were a little shorter! :)

the lizness said...

I emailed you my quite extensive ironing tip amongst other things

Lana said...

yeah! Glad he's home soon. I think you have a good list :)

Millie said...

Here's to getting it all done, and not beating yourself up half to death if you don't. ;) So glad he's almost home!!

Amanda said...

The countdown begins, or gets closer or something. YEAH!!

If you are anything like me I put off the to do list until the last possible second only because the monsters, I mean the perfect cherubs I have for children mess it up faster than I can clean it up. ;)

Angela said...

I got exhuasted reading that list! It'll be nice to have so much to get done to make the week fly by. I think he'll be so happy to be home he'll knit a shawl if it's on the list!
Yay for the last link being SO CLOSE.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I am so glad he will be home for your birthday! He will never notice how clean the bathroom is, so I say why bother! I am thinkg he will need a big nap. I brought Jeff to a big garden to remind him of the color green. It sent his sensese into shock. Plan a picnic and don't worry about the floors!

Blackeyedsue said...

Hee, hee, hee. I have never ironed a shirt for my husband. It is worth it for me to pay the dollar a shirt to have a pro do it. A woman after my own heart!

Bright One said...

HA HA! This one made me laugh! This is my life! HH is gone a good deal of the time because he's a widland fire behavior analyst (fancy title which means if anything is on fire anywhere he's there!) I have my lists too and he's coming home in 3 days I'm going to have to get busy!....maybe tomorrow!

Super Happy Girl said...

Awwww, the homecoming, how exciting!
That's quite a list, hope you get it all done. Betcha he only cares about seeing you though ;-)