Thursday Thirteen #5

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Thirteen Things I Hate to Admit

  1. My weight. But not my age (32 in September).

  2. From a distance, I like the smell of skunk.

  3. I’ve grown out of sleeping in. Or something sad like that.

  4. I have clothing in my closet that I haven't worn for a really long time partly because of #1 and mostly just because it needs ironed.

  5. I’ve been in a fender bender or accident in every car I’ve ever owned.

  6. Most of them were my fault (but none were terrible).

  7. I’ve had significant PMS-related cramps less than ten times in my whole life.

  8. I’m OK with eating food that has been dropped on the ground. (With two little boys, I just consider it building antibodies. We do draw the line if it was dropped by someone else, dropped in any gooey or dirty additional substance, or if it is on the ground longer than 60 seconds.)

  9. I got an A+ on a book report in high school for a book I didn’t read.

  10. The book was Pride and Prejudice. (Serious shame here. I’ve read it several times since. Lovely penance.)

  11. I actually kinda like McDonald’s chicken nuggets and Totino’s microwave pizza.

  12. I have no idea how to really clean a bathroom. (I do it differently every time - sometimes with a toxic mix of cleaners - and I am never completely satisfied with the results. Anyone with a sparkly, quick, efficient method?)

  13. Some days I really just blog for the comments.

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Anonymous said...

#4 is an issue in my closet, too.

I like Totino's microwave pizza. McNuggets...not so much.

#12...as long as it gets cleaned, I don't think it matters what your method is. I usually start with the cleanest things and work my way down to the dirtiest...like mirrors first and toilet last. And always with an antibacterial cleaner or bleach. It helps avoid spreading germs to the cleaner places.

Fingers To Toes Photography said...

OK I just have to say; a skunk...ACK...Um, yucky! :D

Blackeyedsue said...

And I will leave one for you.

If you figure out that bathroom thingy, post it here please...I love this list!

Kimmy said...

#1 and #4... me, too.

#7... I only wish. Every month it feels like labor pains. HATE it!

#9... me, too. Almost every book. I'm awful!

#12... I use Borax and vinegar. Vinegar's my favorite cleaner. Natures antibacterial. And no toxins. I also use powdered lemonade or citrus drink to clean my toilet. Sprinkle it all around, let set over night, wake up and flush. Voila!

My 13 are up!

Raggedy said...

I use bleach for cleaning.
I will eat food from floor.
lmao at A+ on a book you did not read..hahaha
My TT is up

Anonymous said...

So that is why I usually end up doing the bathrooms?!?! Also I wish I would have know that about the cars before we bought a new one. You already got it out of your system with the old car.

armywife said...

i caught myself nodding to several of those, but i'm not quite ready to admit to which ones. well, ok, i could wear more of my clothes if i ironed too. and while i don't have children, i'm ok with eating things off the floor. i guess because i know how long its been since i washed it? great list though.

i've posted 13 too at

Unknown said...

I am unfortunately with you on too many of these, including eating off the floor and the skunk.

Mine's up: 13 Tips for Reading with Children

Carmen said...

I get like 10 PMS cramps every month. You lucky woman. :)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Great list! I'm with you on #1, 7, 8, and 12. And #9 - except it was a term paper on Moby Dick. :)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to several of these too! I played.
Oh, and I love what you wrote about your name, good story!

Millie said...

LOL at "I hate to admit"... cute

I do the same thing with food on the ground.

I don't get cramps with PMS but I have the week circled in my calendar so I'll know why I'm in a completely crappy mood and cry all week.

LOL @ the book report... naughty you.

I usually do the toilet first with Ajax, then the tub, then the sink and mirror, then the floor. On the non-Ajax surfaces I use a 409 or Clorox bleach cleaner or Windex on the mirrors. That's WHEN I clean the bathroom. I'm thinking I need to try Kimmy's lemony-fresh method.

Mama Duck said...

LOL - for the bathroom, Clorox wipes.

utmommy said...

I hate to admit my weight too. In fact I don't remember the last time I did.

Tracie Nall said...

I really like the Totino's pizzas....of course I am into anything that you can microwave!

Mine is up!

someone else said...

You LIKE the smell of skunk??? Oh my dear girl.......

Anonymous said...

Umm... EWWW on the skunk! I'm with you on several of the others, including age, clothes you hate to admit you can't wear, and even the food. I can't believe you got an A on a book you never read, no fair!!! :)

Great T13, mine is up too...

Barbara said...

Love your list. #8 got a laugh out of me. The other day, my 12 yr old grandson dropped his chicken pieces in the floor, while trying to hold the plate and open the catsup. I started to wipe them off, and he said, "Oh, Nanny.They are okay. They were only on the floor a few seconds."

I often think back to my childhood when I'd go pull a carrot out of the ground, wipe off the dirt and eat it right there in the garden! I've survived. Guess these kids will, too.

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The Amazing Trips said...

Ha!! So, was this blog posting inspired by #13? :)