Day Fifteen

Wow. Last night was the most sleepless night on record. I called David at 2 a.m. because I was WIDE awake after trying to go to sleep since ten. One great thing about the time difference between us - he was already well into his work day and had to go at the end because of a morning meeting - so I wasn't keeping him awake.

We decided we were both exhausted and the last day or two is when it has registered how really long the summer is going to be. I think that passing the two-week mark did it for me - he's never been on business trips longer than this so far. And we haven't been apart this long since our long-distance (second) engagement. And the paper chain isn't changing in appearance quickly enough for me, Miss Instant Gratification. (For a comparative photo, click here. It's disappointing, isn't it?)

We're both keeping plenty busy. I told Auntie S a little about his first two weeks and she says he's like Forrest Gump, which I think is hilarious. He's not quite as obliviously running and running, but he does seem to be in all the right places at just the right time, and he did admit to me that he only shaved for the first time since leaving yesterday. Eww.

It's not quite a box of chocolates here on the home front, but you know what my life is all about. I did have a baking extravaganza on Thursday and made my famous cheeseball and some fantastic spinach-artichoke dip yesterday for Auntie S's end-of the-school-year festivities. It was busy and fun - I love to have a reason to bake and make.

And interestingly enough, having the kids 24/7 hasn't been as wearing as I thought it would be - probably has something to do with expectations. (Although I am thrilled that a good friend of mine called and TOLD me she was going to take my kids for a whole day next week, choose my day, so Monday I get a catch-up day!) We've only skipped their evening bath twice in the last two weeks. So I'm not missing David so much for the childcare reprieve (see - I told you). I am missing the eye-to-eye contact and the snuggling and holding his hand and how good he smells and well, you know, just being close.

And being able to sleep. I think I must have dozed off sometime after 5 a.m., but suddenly it was nine and Henry was yelling from his crib. Cal was still zonked out because he only slept about two hours more than I did. I have no idea what this insomnia is all about, but sleep is precious, sacred, and directly linked to my sanity, so I'm going to have to figure something out!

In other completely random news, I noticed this morning as Cal was walking around in his skivvies (does anyone else call underwear that, or is it only my childhood family - I haven't thought of it in years, but I like it), I noticed that he has LOVE HANDLES. Could there be anything more adorable than a three-year-old with love handles? I wish baby fat was as fashionable on me. That my thighs could be considered as...edible... as the Michelin baby's.

This morning while foggily reading a book to the boys about a racecar, I was really impressed with this onomatopoeia: It says, "Along the straight part of the track the racing car charged, chasing the leader. Neeeyowwww, it overtook the car in front..."

I really like that, "Neeeeyowwww!"

Do it with me now: "Neeeeyowwww!"

Doesn't that just sound like a race car zooming past? Maybe when the summer is over we'll look back and feel like it zoomed past at neeeeyowwww speed.

P.S. In real life, I'm not this much of a baby - you just get to see the whiney side, lucky you! I am constantly sucking it up when I think of the women (and men and children) who are without their spouses and parents for really long deployments, or are separated because of divorce or death. It's hard for me, and I've got it easy. I feel for them - the real heroes - and I thank God every day for the blessings of my little family and the faith I have that He didn't give us to each other to love only when we can see and touch and talk to one another, but for forever. He loves us that much.


someone else said...

Good Morning! I just love reading your blog. It's so full of life stuff.

If your kids are in bed by 9:30 or 10:00, try one Tylenol PM to help you sleep. They're mild (unless you're ultra-sensitive to meds, then don't) and help keep you asleep without drugging you heavily.

We grew up calling them skivvies too.

Neeeeyowwww!! Used to do the car thing with my grandson. Have a happy day!

rena said...

Not sleeping is a real bummer! I feel for you. Normally I don't have troubled, but once in a while the ole mind gets racing ...uuuggghh. Hopefully you can have an afternoon nap with the kids? I used to love doing that when mine were little. Sleep takes priority over chores in my book.

Millie said...

Skivvies is a term I first from my "People in hell want ice water" grandfather. I miss all his old sayings and phrases.

You're not a whiner - you're going through something not fun. It doesn't have to be miserable 24/7, but it's still hard and you don't have to feel bad for not liking it.

I like the chain idea, but I was thinking that maybe to make it go faster, next time you could make the links and then not link them together till each day is over. On each link write something fun that happened that day, and the date. Then you'll have a fun daily record of what you did while hubby was gone, and it'll be fun to watch it grow bigger, knowing the bigger it gets, the closer he is to coming home, instead of having to watch it disappear.

Just a thought. :) Hope you start getting more sleep soon! In fact, here's a pillow (SLAP)

the lizness said...

I just spent 2 nights with my parents and the 3rd night was the only one I got any sleep because The Rev came up that night. I feel your pain - you've got to be exhausted!