The Jane: Four Months Old

She's celebrating her first Christmas this year!

Her boots are courtesy of Auntie S. This little girl is going to be so hip, even with a fashionly clueless mom, thanks to her very stylish extended family.

Jane is so intent and aware...

Always thinking and trying to figure stuff out...

This month, she realized that her hands were hers. However, she still used one to catch the other and put it in her mouth.

She likes the lights and ornaments, and she truly is crazy about red. (They say that babies especially like red, but out of my kids, she and Calvin are the only infants that really seemed to be attracted to it or to fixate on red things at all.)

More and more of her (very strong) personality is coming out. FOrtunately, I think she is also developing a little sense of humor.

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Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

So adorable! I especially love how intently she's studying the red ornament. Very cute!