Hola, '09

I zonked out with Nyquil last night because I didn't know what else to do with myself and was vaguely aware of midnight because David was trying to wake Calvin (who also didn't wake up). I was more aware of the end of the city-wide amateur fireworks display at about 3 a.m. when two or three (extremely loud) mortar bursts flashed toward our bedroom window and were incorporated in a dream I was having of a city being attacked by rockets like David told me came through the sleeping trailers he stayed in in Iraq.

And so, the New Year started with a bang / steady roll of fireworks.

We had a nice brunch with some friends across town and since two of the three children fell asleep in the car on the way home, we extended our drive to the forests outside of Kyiv. It was nice to see...trees. Undisturbed snow. A long road stretching out in front of us for a good piece, kinda like the year ahead...

I've been considering some resolutions, because I love a new start and things to work on, but I'll be real honest and just say that keeping my game face on is the best I can do right now. So that's what I'm doing.

But we are making some plans for the months ahead, namely a little trip to Egypt in February and maybe a visit to Istanbul over Spring Break. These places sound so exotic and far, but we are really just across the border or over a little sea from them now. A lot easier to get to from here than from D.C., that's for sure. And not even terribly expensive. Travel plans always make my heart sing.

Calvin is not going to say "freaking" anymore.

Henry is going to try not to push his baby brother anymore.

Charlie is going to keep being the delight of all mankind.

AND - thanks be to heaven - this year is NOT an eternal, ranting, frothing election year. Does it not seem like we've been talking '08 for ages now?! Yea! It's finally over! That in itself says '09 can only be better.

(P.S. I would just like to say that everything everyone has been saying is so terrible and needs "fixed" in America? They have NO IDEA what a beautiful place and miraculous system and amazing heritage and wonderful life of possibility and hope they have. Maybe in 2009 they can get over themselves.)


And before I digress onto slippery slopes of political commentary which I devoutly avoid on this here blog, I will end with this little tidbit from Henry - the boy who is trying to be utterly charming and engaging in an effort to make me forget that I've put him to bed twice already tonight...

While poking the top of my computer screen, he declares, "Mom, no grown-up ever needs help." And follows that up with, "So why is there a button right here that says, 'help?!'"

I can't tell you when Henry started reading. Or when he got better at computers than Calvin and - for that matter - me. That makes me a little sad. All my thoughts of conscientiously teaching my children everything, thoughtfully molding their little minds and carefully spooning in the things that I think they should be learning...There is a lot of that, but then there is a realization that they are their own people, and they will learn and figure out so much on their own. Brilliant little stinkers.


Real said...

Your last few posts sound so blue. You are still adjusting. Plus it's cold and gray and winter. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I'm still reading and still here and thinking about you. I hope the rest of your heart keeps up with your game face and the adjustment will be over soon. I'm loving reading about your adventures. And I know from experience that once you're gone, this will be such a treasured time!

Happy New Year!

Janelle said...

Happy New Year!

That Henry is a smartie. Something about that #2 boy growing up that sneaks up on you, mine does too!

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

loved this post... henry's comments made me laugh out loud. And your travel plans sound awesome. I am not much of a travel person... I like being places when I get there, but have terrible stress levels when it comes to the planning and orchestrating, and the flying... I'm not good at airplanes.. BUT, even considering all that, Egypt seems almost intriguing enough to make me forget all my angst, and climb aboard the nearest flight...

I hope you feel better too.

Big Jay said...

Even though everything didn't roll my way, I'm glad the election is OVER. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh. You have such cute boys! They are lucky to have a mom like you.

Angela said...

I love the resolutions for your boys. You are very funny.

Aves played on the computer and when asked to put in her name, I later found she had written Avry. I about peed my pants. Srsly. I figured if the alphabet wasn't decked out in pink and glitter and shouting her praises, she was never going to bother learning those letters.

I was wrong.

Happy New Year. It's the 8th.
Love you.