Charlie And the Silent Boo

First, here's a clip especially for Jen at Amazing Trips, who so kindly requested a Charlie update, and for the Lizness, who has fabulous little boyishness of her own coming right up!

A word of explanation: I was playing peekaboo with him but didn't want my voice recorded, so I was silently covering and uncovering my eyes and flashing big smiles. I think you can see exactly when his eyes met mine, and how cute he is starting to gurgle, and the couple of times that I actually kinda alarmed him when I took my hands off my face. (The background noise of the other boys' nighttime flood the bathroom while screaming at each other bath is not so silent.)

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I am head over heels over this baby. Not that I didn't love Calvin and Henry as infants, but I think I am more relaxed and more engaged all at the same time than I was with the other two. I've got it bad this time, for sure. David teases me that he knows I'm in love because even in the middle of the night I'm goo-gooing and happy to see the little guy.

Charlie is a snugg.ler. It is precious how round and cuddly he is and how he scoots to be closer and nuzzles cheeks like there's no tomorrow. He loves skin-to-skin - both of the other boys have a pretty intense desire for personal space, and have had since they were very small, but Charlie wants contact. Recently he's started to touch my face really soft and wrap his fat little arms around my neck or over my shoulder when I pick him up.

And, I am not even exaggerating - the baby does not cry. I know I'm taking a huge risk of jinxing myself by making that statement on the blogosphere, but aside from the couple day fussy jag he had at about six weeks of age, and a couple little mishaps where he was physically hurt, he does not get riled up. He has other little signs for being tired or hungry, but very rarely shouts about it. Even for vaccinations, he lets out a little "waaa!" and maybe squeezes one little tear out, but if mama is there to pick him up and put her cheek on his, he's fine.

I even have it on Auntie S's six-children-of-her-own-good-authority that he has an extraordinarily sweet disposition. She even went as far as to say that none of her kids were ever as totally pleasant as he is. It's truly amazing what a little sunshine he is.

He is also very social, which I'm not sure exactly what I'll do with when he is older because I am so not social, but it is adorable to see a five-month-old scan a group of faces, and when he meets someone's eyes and they smile at him, his whole body goes crazy, his eyes twinkle and his smile lights up the room.

I do have some other stuff to post about...Thanksgiving and free pianos and funnies from the other boys...I hope to punch out a bunch tomorrow...I promise, no more 2 minute videos of pure gurgle. Unless you liked it. Because he is pretty stinkin' adorable. If I do say so myself.


someone else said...

That's one adorable little guy you've got there. I see pure joy and love for his mommy shining out of those eyes.

megachick said...

he sounds exactly like my bug. she is the happiest baby i have ever seen, although she does get cranky when she wants me and i want to, oh say, go to the bathroom.

The Amazing Trips said...

Oh I LOVE HIM!!! Thank you so much for posting this - it has put a huge smile on my face!

I feel the exact same way about my Henry, I am head over heels for him. He is incredibly happy and doing so much of the same stuff that Charlie is doing. I'll bet it has a lot to do with your relaxed nature & the fact that he's got two older siblings to keep him entertained. Our little guy is happiest when he is surrounded by the triplets, who are running in every which direction.

I'm so glad that you and your little sunshine are doing so well!!

the lizness said...

what a darling! Please to post more 2 minutes of pure baby gurgling!! :)

and I am all about the handmedowns that you mentioned. I keep one of your pregnancy books upstairs and one downstairs so I don't have to trek to read more about the 22nd week.

Anonymous said...

I am head over heels for him also and all it took was a few hours with him to make me that way.

Gabriela said...

Awwwwwww. I love this post! What a sweetheart-I think we got babies out of the same mold because I've got a little guy here that sounds similar- very little crying and loves attention and to be held. And everyone's always saying, "what an easy going baby!"

I know just what you mean about being head-over-heals in love. Even in the middle of the night (although I am getting a little tired of those visits after 9 months!)

Good times, good times. :)

Ice Cream said...

I've read that calm parents have calm babies and uptight parents have fussy babies. I think it goes the other way. Sweet happy babies make for well rested happy parents, fussy colicy babies make for sleep deprived psycho mammas. Enjoy your little Mr. Sunshine.

NOBODY said...

I watched this video like, a week ago and I've been thinking about it ever since. He is SO adorable. And his little "shocked" face when you suddenly a-booed for the 12th and 15th time was SO.FUNNY. He just has such a precious little voice---he's quite the talker!
I have the same feelings for my #3 that you described, it's kind of crazy.

Michelle said...

That is so cute... I love the new little sounds.

Catherine said...

These kinds of videos shouldn't be allowed for public viewing, ya know. They make mothers like me who are SURE they are done having babies very very doubtful of their decision. ;)

Geez, they don't get much more adorable than this!

Dawn said...

Lily really enjoyed this!